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Repair or Replacement?

The first step in the process is deciding whether you need a repair or a replacement. Some minor damage may be mended before the damage grows larger. Most insurance companies' rule of thumb is a quarter-sized "chip" as the maximum area that can be repaired. Also this damage cannot be in the driverís vision. If you are unsure, our customer care representatives will help you to determine if it needs a repair or replacement.

Will you be making a claim?

Insta Auto Glass is on the preferred list of all major insurance companies. This means that we agree to their lowest pricing and strictest procedures. This also means there will be no paperwork for you to fill out! With just an easy call to one of our three valley locations, we will contact your insurance company and electronically handle all the paperwork. If you would like to call your insurance companies' 1-800 number yourself, request Sunland...weíll be on their preferred vendor list.

What you can expect...

In order for our customer care representatives to schedule an appointment, we will need your vehicleís year, make (i.e. Ford, Lexus), model (i.e. Escort, ES300), and body style (i.e. 2 door coupe). If you will be using your insurance, you should have your policy number, the approximate date your damage occurred, and your deductible amount. Also, if you have a deductible, ask about how we can help you pay for it!

After just a few questions, weíll be able to set up your free mobile service. A certified installer will be there on time as well as give you a call as to the exact time to expect them. A typical replacement will take approximately 1 hour and can be completed at your home or business. When finished, they will explain any precautionary measures you should take to keep your installation in a safe and sound condition.

Lastly, you will receive your warranty, a business card of the manager to call if any other questions or concerns arise, and your complimentary offer to receive one year of windshield repairs free of charge, neither to you or your insurance company.

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